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  HIRING a french chef

Why not invite your friends and family to a gourmet dinner cooked just for you? With your very own French Chef in the kitchen you can make the most of your guests in the comfort of your own home.

A few days before the event Edith will help you put together a specific menu. She collects the ingredients from local farmers and selected stores knowing that selecting the best quality produce and knowing how to deal with the ingredients is a crucial part in the success of your dinner party.  A few hours before the dinner, Edith will move into your kitchen with her own utensils, and get down to making the dinner!  After your meal you will find your kitchen just as it was before she arrived.

Choosing the menu

Edith’s menus all begin with a seasonal appetizer and end with coffee and pastries

The menu suggestions are by no means compulsory, you will be able to concoct your own menu alongside the chef in keeping with the produce in season and your personal preferences.

You can also opt for:

-       A Plancha Party (fish à la plancha followed by meat and vegetables à la plancha, with a salad buffet, fresh soups and desserts)

-       A Chic Picnic

-       Menus on a theme (around certain elements, the season, or a country)

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    ‘Home Chef’ Fees

    Full menu, sit-down meal:
    Groups of 2 to 4 : from 50€ per person
    Groups of 5 to 8 : from 45€ per person
    Groups of 8 to 15 : from 40€ per person
    More than 15 guests ….contact us directly
    A menu proposal and written estimate will always be provided.



Fine Wines

A sommelier-selected wine list can be provided to accompany the flavors in your meal with a different wine for each course.



- crockery and glassware for hire

- floral table dressing

- discreet waiting service